Piggy Piggy

the pie song

Sugar Play

a sound booth with two sound pieces: PIGGY PIGGY and THE PIE SONG

‘Madame et Monsieur… You have made your cake and now you shall eat it!?’ is what comes to mind when encountering Dovilė’s text and sound based productions. Together with a sweet honey glazed voice I am stuck on the inside of a stark white cube of sugar that refuses to melt under a hot-headed erotic-fictional narrative that is rhythmically bestowed on me. The voice tells you what it feels like to be consumed; the good of life is stripped from its icing and the emptiness of everyday artificialities is laid bare. The cake collapses and one is dripping in the reminders of sinful acts that employ lust, gluttony and greed. The human becomes a sculpture that is statured by overindulgence. Dovilė makes of us plasticized cotton candy sugar balls that are pressured into performing a good that perhaps isn’t so good after all.

text by Anne-Marie Twigge

special thanks to Eline Tsvetkova

photos by Gert Jan van Rooij