conditions pt1/pt2 pdf


collages, sound, text
2017 - 2018

In the work ‘Conditions’, the sound, text and digital collages create a web of connections; links are not constructed, but rather echoing each other on different levels. The text piece investigates more abstract themes like becoming, vanishing, being. Modest gestures in the work compose an overwhelming grandeur atmosphere, mental space of otherworldly vagueness that is too immense to grasp. Hints of creation myths might come to mind; the motif of cyclical motion prevails in the work. Entities mentioned in the text piece are so vast that they appear and disappear without being noticed. It might leave one floating, being in a state of unbalance, fighting against gravity and finally sinking into blissful neutrality.

text by Justina Vilčinskaitė & Céline Hürzeler